Councils across Yorkshire "abandoned" as Tories dole out millions to the Shires

Councils across Yorkshire “abandoned” as Tories dole out millions to the Shires.

Sheffield MP, Louise Haigh has accused the Government of “abandoning Councils across Yorkshire” after the Chancellor handed hundreds of millions of pounds to the wealthiest Tory-shire councils to ease the pain of spending cuts – but offered nothing to any council in the whole of South and West Yorkshire.

The Tories announced a “Transitional Grant” to help councils to ease the pain of upcoming spending cuts and to cover the move in the funding settlement away from the central grant.

However, the move has sparked outrage as of the nine councils across South and West Yorkshire, none have received any additional funding despite being amongst the most deprived in the country. 

Meanwhile, swathes of the Tory shires in the South including Surrey – one of England’s wealthiest shires – will get £24m of the funding despite suffering far fewer cuts in recent years.

Labour’s research has revealed that of the entire funding, 85% went to Tory councils.

Tory MPs became alarmed when they realised their areas might soon see cuts similar to those imposed on the rest of the country.  They threatened to vote down the Government’s planned cuts until Communities Secretary Greg Clark announced a £300 million ‘transitional grant’.  The Government have refused to say where the extra money comes from.

Commenting, Louise Haigh said:

“It is clear the Tories have given up any pretence of putting the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ on an equal footing with their heartlands.”

“Despite Councils across South and West Yorkshire having already been cut to the bone since 2010 and with reserves dwindling, it is shocking that they are being simply abandoned by the Government. 

“This warped settlement sends a very clear message that the Tories favour the most prosperous shires, but for those struggling to cover their basic needs for some of the poorest people in the country the Tories have offered absolutely nothing.”

“It is clear their grand promises before the election were just weasel-words.”