Veggie Month

coopfood.jpg This month is Veggie Month, in celebration of all things vegetarian (and as a vegetarian myself of 17 years) I wanted to highlight some great places in our area to get veggie produce, meals and options. You can get everything you need from a veggie diet and it would be fantastic if more people tried veggie foods and became more aware about alternatives to the meat industry.  There is a much more extensive number of cafes and shops that stock some really good vegetarian produce but I have chosen some of my favourite local companies and cafes to share:

 •Heeley City Farm - I love popping into the Café at Heeley City Farm. Not only is the food Vegetarian/Vegan, home-cooked healthy, tasty and affordable, it’s open seven days a week. The Farm Kitchen also supports adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, young people and work experience placements.   They use home-grown vegetables and free range eggs in their recipes and my fave is the Veggie Chilli!

 •Maxons Sweets - It’s fantastic to have a local veggie traditional sweet maker in the constituency, right behind my office! Their hard boiled sweets are such a treat for us veggies, we don’t often get locally made sweeties never mind without gelatine in. They are stocked locally at the Co-operative food stores in the area as part of their ‘buy local’ campaign if you fancy a try.

 •Café Des Amis - Whilst not exclusively veggie, Des Amis has a massive range of exciting veggie food. From Palestinian breakfasts to falafel wraps, it is all delicious and supports a good cause by also selling Palestinian produce.

 •The Incredible Nutshell is a health food shop specialising in vegan health foods. They stock an impressive range of products.

 • If you’re a small café struggling to think of veggie options for your menu, why not pop in to Lembas Wholesales. They have a huge range of products all for veggies and stock a large amount of Fairtrade too!

 There are many, many more amazing cafes and restaurants serving up fab veggie options around our area. If you have a good experience why not share it with me on Twitter or on Facebook using #VeggieSheffield.