Labour calls on Tesco to rethink closure


Labour's Parliamentary Candidate in Sheffield Heeley Louise Haigh and Graves Park Council candidate Louise Davies have called on Tesco to rethink the closure of its branch in Woodseats.

After speaking to hundreds of local residents in Woodseats this morning, Sheffield Heeley Labour have called on Tesco to rethink its announcement this week to close its store on Chesterfield Road. The strength of feeling is clear after more than 400 people signed a petition against its closure in the space of two hours.

Louise Haigh said:

"People are amazed that Tesco are even thinking of closing this popular store. I use it regularly and it's always busy. It's not often you see the Labour Party campaigning against a Tesco closing - we normally complain when it arrives - but in this case, it's such a big part of the community, having been here for 40 years, that people are understandably angry about it.

Clearly, this demonstrates everything that's wrong with our current economy - we're too reliant on service and retail, which largely employs people on low pay and insecure contracts. It's not sustainable and Tesco's attitude to Sheffield this week has shown that."

Louise Davies said:

"Having spoken to so many people on the issue, it's clear that it's not just the loss of a convenient supermarket but they're appalled that Tesco can simply cut those jobs and give no assurances to staff that their jobs will either be protected or that they'll get a decent settlement. In this climate, statutory redundancy simply isn't enough and the staff here are so fantastic, it's astonishing to me that Tesco might let them go."

Labour are calling on Tesco to rethink its closure and to publish the figures for this store to prove if it really is unprofitable.

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