Louise slams Tory tax credit cuts after vote in Parliament

Louise spoke out against the tax credit cut for the third time in the House of Commons last night, accusing the Government of "abandoning working people".

Yesterday the Labour Party forced a vote in the House of Commons on the Tories’ indefensible attack on working families who are set to lose, on average £1,400 as a result of these cuts. That includes 61% of families in Louise's constituency.

Disgracefully, the Tories once again voted to keep the cuts which will come into force next April.

Speaking, Louise said 

"Disgracefully just before the election, the Leader of the Conservative Party looked straight down the camera and promised not to cut the tax credits of millions of working people. Many of them will have been watching and will have taken him at his word."

"This Prime Minister should be ashamed that a little over a month later they abandoned that promise and with it abandoned the working people who rely on tax credits to supplement a wage that is simply too low to live on."

"Even though the Tories voted to keep the tax credit cuts last night, in the days, weeks and months ahead the Labour Party will fight the corner of those millions of people so badly let down by the Tories."

Watch a clip of my speech here: http://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/99730071-d706-4092-83dd-d1a9c0591c12

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