Louise calls on Public Prosecutor to investigate extremist anti-Islamic website

Update: Following the request made by a group of MPs to investigate the extremist anti-Islamic website Gates of Vienna, the DPP have referred the case to the counter-terrorism unit based at the Metropolitan Police for investigation.

Louise Haigh today called on the Director of Public Prosecutions to take action against an extremist anti-Islamic website promoting terrorism, armed conflict and civil disorder.


The Gates of Vienna website, which is in part hosted on servers placed within the UK, features articles which encourage the establishment of conflict and forcible expulsion of Muslims within the United Kingdom.

Louise, along with the anti-racism group Hope not Hate have called on the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders to urgently investigate the website and take any action necessary to prevent the dissemination of such inflammatory and extremist rhetoric.

Commenting, Louise said:

"Community cohesion is something we prize and go to great lengths to preserve in communities throughout the UK. Here in Sheffield and across the country, the Muslim community play an invaluable role in enriching our lives and contributing to our society. Over many decades, we have fought to make sure that no matter the colour of your skin or the the religion you practice, you will be treated just the same. It is a fight that goes on, but it is one we are winning.

I was therefore deeply shocked to learn that a website which openly calls for armed conflict against Muslims within the United Kingdom is allowed to continue operating, in part hosted using UK servers. Groups and individuals which pledge violence and preach hatred against other members of our community have no place in a modern, tolerant United Kingdom.

Incitement to racial hatred has been a specific crime in this country since 1976 and I call on the Director of Public Prosecutions to do all she can to take investigate the Gates of Vienna website and the individuals behind these criminal activities."

The open letter sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions has been published below in the interests of transparency. To find out more about this issue and the work of Hope not Hate read the report they have published on their website http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/

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