Sheffield solidarity with steel workers

Steel making in the UK faces total annihilation. The decision by TATA Steel to announce the loss of 1000 jobs at its Scunthorpe plant comes just one day after the Rotherham, "Steel Summit," of Unions, Ministers and employers met to discuss the support                        needed by the Steel Industry in the UK.

The Government hides behind EU state aid rules which, they claim, prevent them from intervening to save the steel industry. Yet, the governments of France and Italy have intervened directly to protect steel making and manufacturing industry, but in the UK we are told there are no, "magic bullets". 

We believe that now is the time to take a stand and to fight; for the industry and for future generations. We must not allow the steel industry to go the way of the mining industry; of decimated communities and of mass unemployment. If we fight, we can win - we can force a change of direction and can stop the destruction of jobs and the industrial vandalism of an entire industry.

There is a mood for change in the UK. The election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party shows that there is a desire for an alternative relentless austerity. As a result of the efforts of steelworkers, the Prime Minister has bowed to the pressure of them and the Labour leader and agreed to raise with the President of China the issue of the mass flooding of the global market with cheap steel from China. But the Prime Minister must seek concrete steps from the Chinese, not just words

We, the undersigned, call on all in our Trade Unions, our parties and in our movement to unite in support of the Scunthorpe steel workers. We Pledge to do all that we are able to deliver all solidarity and support to our brothers and sisters at TATA in the action they may take to defend their jobs, their communities and their industry.

Louise Haigh has joined colleagues in the Labour movement from across the region in sending this message of solidarity to the workers at TATA and Redcar who have lost their jobs in recent weeks.

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