Statement on Donald Trump's Border Policy


Like much of the world, I spent the weekend after Holocaust Memorial Day looking on with shock and outrage as Donald Trump’s administration locked out tens of millions of people from the USA at a stroke. This announcement banning people from the United States through no other cause than the location of their birth sends a terrible message to the hundreds of my constituents born in the seven affected countries.

To see the Prime Minister walking hand in hand with Donald Trump just hours before this announcement, and then responding slowly and tepidly when its implications became clear, raises serious questions about her leadership. This policy is not compatible with our values, and by barring the entry of some of our democratic representatives and national heroes, harms our national interest. Being seen to condemn it in anything less than the strongest terms damages our country’s reputation in the world.

This has been seen and understood by over a million people in Britain, who’ve signed a petition calling for Donald Trump’s state visit to be cancelled. The Government should listen to their voices.

Trump’s policy is wrong on a basic moral level. A nation built by people from around the world should not now declare some of them unwelcome. On the day of President Trump’s inauguration I spoke at a vigil in Sheffield’s Tudor Square, celebrating what we hold in common and opposing hatred and division. You can read my full remarks here.