Save Our Buses

 The Sheffield Bus Partnership is currently consulting on new routes. There are some large changes being made in our areas. Fill in the survey if you want to raise any issues before the 31st July or drop into one of the consultation events listed on the website. Find all the information here.



Many residents have raised the dramatic changes to the 51 and 70 bus routes and running times. If they're taken away- the 51 from Arbourthorne Road and Eastern Avenue, and the 70 from Northern Avenue - many people will lose out.

 Replacing them with a single bus every half an hour- every hour at weekends, just isn’t enough. 

If you use the 51 or 70, please sign our petition here. 

There are also dramatic changes to the 20/20A route, under the proposals the 20A will be scrapped. Many residents are keen to keep this service as it is.

If you use the 20/20A please sign our petition to keep it here. 

The 19 will be moving to an hourly service. This means residents in Norton Lees will be worse off in terms of access to public transport to the city centre.

 Sign our petition to keep a regular service for the 19 here.

 Local people that rely on these buses to get around will struggle to access public transport if these changes go ahead. Make sure your opposition or suggestions are heard by filling in the consultation survey.

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  • Ian Hammersley
    commented 2015-09-05 14:34:09 +0100
    20A BUS. Plan A seems to have failed! Do we have a plan B PLEASE?