Louise campaigns for Sheffield to remain in the EU

On Saturday, Louise and Sheffield Labour MPs stepped up the campaign for Sheffield to vote to remain in the EU.

She joined campaigners in the Woodseats area as activists across Sheffield knocked on doors and manned street stalls to convince people to remain.

Commenting Louise said:

"The EU have already & plan to spend £billions on skilling up the unemployed, on small businesses, on high quality apprenticeships and on city-centre redevelopment in our region.

Given the choices the Tories have made over six years and the contempt they have shown for Sheffield, you can rest assured they would not spend our money so wisely.

The choice is to remain inside an EU which is better for Sheffield or leave us at the whim of a Tory government which will attack our rights at work (protected inside the EU) and which wouldn't dream of spending money on programme to improve Sheffield as the EU have done." 











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