"Find your humanity" - Louise calls on the Government to act in refugee crisis

Louise speaking at a rally against the Governments policy on refugees in March


  Louise has today called on the Government to take it's moral and legal responsibility. The Government should join with European partners to help alleviate the refugee crisis currently unfolding in an area stretching from Europe, to North, Central and Southern Africa through Asia and the Middle East.

The Prime Minister said yesterday that the answer "is not to simply take in more refugees" and the Home Office Minister, Lord Bates, argued earlier in the summer that the boats carrying refugees should be "returned from whence they came". 

But this year alone 2,000 refugees have been tragically drowned in the Mediterranean trying to reach European shores and the number of refugees reaching the border of the EU this year alone now stands at 700,000. Pressure is mounting on the Government to act to alleviate the suffering of those fleeing persecution and war by helping them to secure safety and shelter in Europe.


Responding Louise said:

"I am disgusted and dismayed by the Government's

response to the crisis. The UK have taken in only 5,000 Syrian refugees since the war began in 2011 - meanwhile Sweden and Germany alone have granted refuge to some 100,000."

"Worse still the Government has steadfastly refused to take part in a coordinated response to the crisis alongside our European partners. The EU-wide Emergency Relocation Scheme was drawn up to share refugees fairly among member states but the UK has joined the Polish government and the far-right Hungarian government as the only countries refusing to play their part."

"The UK Government has to rediscover its humanity and instead of saying as the Home Office Minister Lord Bates disgracefully remarked that 'the boats should be returned from whence they came', they should commit to playing their full part with their European partners. This is a government unprepared to meet its humanitarian obligations and the international reputation of the UK is suffering as a result."

Pledging to hold the Government to account, Louise said:

"When Parliament returns next week, I will be directly questioning Ministers as to why they have joined the far-right Hungarian government in opting out of the Emergency Relocation Scheme, which is trying to fairly distribute refugees amongst member states."

And Louise has pledged to work with the local community in Sheffield to help the refugees:

"I have opened my office to act as a collection point for donations which will be taken to refugees in need in Calais, and we will work together with constituents who are delivering donations to the refugee camp in Calais. I will also be making arrangements to visit the camp in Calais and see conditions there for myself. Finally, I will be working with Sheffield City Council to ensure Sheffield can welcome our fair share of refugees."

You can donate to the humanitarian mission making it's way from our constituency to Calais in the coming days and weeks here https://m.facebook.com/events/949668518431350?id=949668518431350&_rdr.


 Photo caption: Louise speaking at a rally against the governments policy on refugees in March

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