My Week in Parliament

At the end of last week I was in the “hot seat” on the Rony Robinson show, you can listen again here. I had questions on everything from Jeremy Corbyn’s new bike to the EU referendum.


On Monday it is the debt advice charity Step Change's national #DebtDay - highlighting their busiest day of the year for their advice line, with 20,000 expected calls.  I'm also visiting Springs Academy before heading down to London.


This week the Energy Bill is passing through Parliament for its second reading, which will see the end of the main support mechanism for renewable electricity projects in the country. The Renewable Obligation (RO) ensured that suppliers made sure a certain value of their energy was produced through renewable sources and this obligation was increasing year on year. Removing this obligation could see a stagnation in renewable energy development. This legislation will also make it harder for wind farms to be built, renew support for development of fossil fuel energy production via North Sea oil and will move powers to a new Oil and Gas Authority.


In the chamber we also have Treasury questions, the Psychoactive Substances Bill and Culture, Media and Sport Questions.


I will also be attending meetings about diversity in the media, with the TUC, Tech UK, the thinktank Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung all as part of my digital brief and I will be holding my regular advice surgery.