My week in Parliament 07/09

First week back to Parliament and it's back in full swing. Whilst the Government have had the break over the summer period it is becoming clear that they haven't used the time to plan a way forward for Brexit negotiations. We've already heard that the promised "points based" system for immigration from the EU has been abandoned by the Prime Minister and that the USA and Japan aren't going to make these negotiations easy. Equally, we’ve had absolutely no commitment from the Prime Minister that her negotiations will include the UK remaining in the Single Market. This truly is an unpredictable time in politics and its clear that the Government does not hold the answers some of its members promised.

On Monday I arranged a visit for a group of constituents, who joined me down in Parliament for the first day back after summer recess and for a tour of Parliament.  In the first session, I challenged the new Home Secretary over the worrying reports that the Syrian government has been targeting hospitals and medical facilities in the conflict in Syria; this is obviously exceedingly concerning behaviour from a government that seems not to care who is caught up in this conflict and I urged her to work with colleagues across Government to put pressure on Syria to immediately comply with international law. This surely will lead to more people seeking refuge from this dreadful conflict. The Government should be doing more to condemn these illegal and and deadly actions.

The Finance Bill has reached report phase and was being debated in the house and I was pleased to support two Ten minute rule bills this week, the first put forward by a Tory MP who is trying to provide bereavement leave for parents who have lost children and the second by a Labour colleague who is attempting to protect workers’ rights that are currently only provided through European law.

To round off the week in Parliament I attended the Heat Hero Awards where Shelly Davis of the South Yorkshire Energy Centre received an award and I’ll be participating in Business Questions tomorrow.

Back in Sheffield tomorrow, I’m meeting with the Sheffield City Council Chief Licensing Officer about Taxi licensing and with  the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce.  I’ll also be dropping in on the Carers Café and at the weekend I will be going to the Heritage open day at Herding’s Community and Heritage Centre.