My Week in Parliament

Teenage_market.jpgOn Monday MPs debated educational attainment in Yorkshire - an issue of concern for many Yorkshire MPs who rightly want to know what the Government is planning on doing to address educational inequality.  So far, their only answer has been to make every school an academy, which I do not believe is driven by a wish to improve attainment but rather a political agenda to take local control away from schools and parents . We estimate the process will cost at least £1bn tax payers' money, which should be used to address attainment in areas like Yorkshire where schools and teachers need the support of government money and resources.

 On Tuesday there was a debate in Westminster Hall on unaccompanied refugee minors, something I have raised in the Commons on several occasions.  Unaccompanied minors face deportation once they hit 17 and a half, this is a shocking revelation that the government has failed to produce consistent numbers on this when I have asked for them; read more on that here:

 Also this week I was invited to speak at Sheffield University by the Politics Society, about young people, politics and public service. It was great to meet students from the University who are so engaged in politics.

I also visited Stradbroke School and spoke at the Federation of Small Businesses launch event for their Teenage Market initiative. It was great to meet young entrepreneurs and discuss the exciting opportunities this will have for young people getting space in the city to sell their products on 11th June. find out more here: