My week in Parliament

T12507093_454239298120379_2668937087246170036_n.pnghis week we have the first doctors’ strike for 40 years, junior doctors are disputing changes that they believe will not only effect their pay and conditions but will inevitably increase risk to patients. The financial penalties for working more hours than is considered safe would be removed by the new contract, which is very concerning for patients and staff. I’ve previously met with local junior doctors in Sheffield and this morning went down to the picket line at St Thomas’ to speak to the junior doctors are affected by this contract change and to show solidarity with this group of workers who have been backed into a corner in negotiations. I have spoken in support of the doctors on Westminster Hour which you can listen to here and on the Victoria Derbyshire Show which you can watch here.

This government is not only attacking junior doctors but also trainee nurses as they aim to remove the bursaries that allow students from the widest range of backgrounds to come in to nursing.  This is particularly vital at a time when the NHS is struggling to recruit enough nurses. I joined the debate on Monday afternoon, you can read more on what I said in the debate here.

10373969_454239328120376_2194062317495979304_n.pngThis week in Westminster I will be meeting with bus company First, attending a Rail in the North meeting and a discussion on freedom of religion and belief.  On Friday I will be meeting with residents about opening up a pond in Norton to allow fishing, the City College about government changes to funding and its approach to Further Education and the Sheffield Churches for Community Care.  On Friday morning I’ll also be in the ‘hot seat’ with Rony Robinson on Radio Sheffield, you can listen in here from 11am.