My Week in Parliament

louhmrc.pngI was pleased to be able to raise a Point of Order on HMRC and Tax Credits which you can watch here.  Concentrix, a private company, have taken up a contract on Tax Credits for the HMRC. I’ve had several constituents get in touch to inform me that Concentrix has made mistakes that have led to the incorrect cancellation of their Tax Credits, leading, in many cases, to severe financial hardship. Timely correction of these mistakes is next to impossible as contacting Concentrix has been extremely difficult for constituents – and even the hotline which MPs are directed to, they are unable to help.


I’ll be pursuing the poor performance of HMRC for my constituents, local businesses and the closure of the Sheffield office in Parliament over the coming days and weeks in Parliament.  The Speaker of the House of Commons expressed his disappointment that Ministers had not been to the House to make a statement on the mass closure of HMRC offices and the loss of jobs.


This week’s Opposition debate will be on failed economic policies, since being elected I have been critical of the Government’s approach to reducing the deficit, which has heaped debt on individuals, a major cause of the last economic crisis.


I have various meetings with: the responsible investment trade association, UKSIF; the senior civil servants union, the FDA; Policy Connect on reforming the civil service; and ongoing meetings on the Freedom of Information and the digitisation of government services.


This week I’ll also be popping over to Oldham ahead of the by-election on 3rd December to support our local candidate.