Louise joins Dr Alan Billings on walkabout in Gleadless Valley area

Following serious incidents last week Dr Billings, the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and Louise Haigh MP, took part in a walkabout on Saturday to talk to local residents in Gleadless Valley to speak to local residents.

They stopped and chatted to residents and workers on Newfield Green shops on Saturday. They both also stopped at the Co-op on Newfield Green where police officers were injured detaining the man who had previous seriously injured another female police officer.

That police office is said to be "doing better" after surgery.

Louise Haigh MP said: “It’s been a huge shock to the community but the really strong feeling is this could have happened anywhere.

“This is a really strong and resilient community and we saw that with the downstairs neighbour Simon Ellis rescuing the police officer and saving her life and I’m confident that this community will bounce back.”

Dr Billings said: “Today is about showing support to the community and to reassure them that the police are doing everything they can and we want to reassure people that this was a really extraordinary and out of the blue.

“We’ve had these two really serious incidents recently and it makes it all seem all the more shocking.

On the PC Bates’ condition, Dr Billings added: “She been in hospital and she’s had surgery and is doing better now.

“She is comfortable as she can be."

Louise is keen to remind residents and anyone who witnessed any of the major incidents that there are psychological and practical services available in Sheffield for those affected by serious crime. Should anyone require, or know of anyone who may require such services they are asked to contact Louise Haigh's office on 0114 250 8113 who will direct them.

You can read more regarding the walkabout by visiting Sheffield Star http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/gleadless-valley-attack-sheffield-pc-lisa-bates-doing-better-after-surgery-1-7857329.

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