"Keep Sunday Special!": Louise to vote against new Sunday trading plans

Louise is to vote against new Sunday trading laws sneaked in by the Government under the Enterprise Bill as she said it was "completely unacceptable" to promise retail workers one thing before the election and do the opposite once in power.

The new proposals will relax rules on Sunday trading and give new powers to authorities to take decisions on Sunday trading.

But of over 10,000 staff surveyed, 91% opposed opening longer hours and 74% of staff said they already worked on Sundays. The new proposals have sparked real concern from shop-workers that their vital family time on a Sunday - the only time when many shopworkers get quality time with their family - will now be under threat.

In 2015 just weeks before the General Election, the Prime Minister promised not to relax Sunday trading laws arguing that the "current system provides a reasonable balance between those who wish to see more opportunity to shop in large stores, and those who wish to see further diversity."

Commenting Louise Haigh said:

"Thousands of shopworkers across the country already work Sundays and 58% say they are already under pressure to work Sunday when they don't want to. The legislation as it stands gives them a much-needed backstop and vital guarantees that they will not be asked to work unsociable hours at least one day every week. For many shopworkers, Sunday is special. The one time in the week they can guarantee some quality family time"

"It is completely unacceptable that after promising shopworkers he would keep those vital Sunday protections, the Prime Minister has done the exact opposite. There has been no impact assessment, no economic analysis and no family test and yet he has fired the starting gun on a plan which will inevitably lead to shopworkers working longer hours."

"Most staff don't even receive a premium for working Sundays - a time when most of us, no doubt including the Prime Minister who is famed for his 'chillaxing', have a well-earned rest. Why is it one rule for him and another for shopworkers?"

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