HMRC and Concentrix


I’ve been shocked to read the report by the National Audit Office on HMRC’s handling of the Concentrix contract, which shows HMRC not only took no interest in the failings of Concentrix, but actively encouraged them by hiking their commission rate from 3.9% to 11%.

Not only were they given more government money while thousands of complaints rolled in, but many other damning facts have come to light.

People who had their tax credits unfairly stopped had to go an average of 6-8 weeks without that income before they were reinstated – including many single parents and families who desperately need this money.

Of the cases sent over by HMRC, only 12% were corrected, showing a massive overestimation of fraud and errors on the part of the government.

Concentrix’s target for answering phone calls within five minutes in July 2015 was 90%, but they managed only a dreadful 5% rate.

In response to that dismal record, HMRC not only increased their payments of public money, but lowered their performance targets rather than demanding better service.

It may have been Concentrix which failed to deliver – and rightly lost their contract – but it was HMRC who failed in their public duty. It’s time they, and their ministers, were held to account.

If you were affected by Concentrix’s mishandling of the Tax Credits contract, please feel free to get in touch to discuss it further.