Gleadless Valley Food Bank Visit

On Friday I visited Gleadless Valley Methodist Church for an advice surgery and to deliver kindly donated supplies for the food bank being run there.

We had the chance to chat with food bank volunteers and found that around 450kg of food per week is being distributed. Most people have visited more than the allocated three times, many of them repeat visitors because the foodbank acts as a temporary solution to their problems.

Most users of the foodbank are asylum seekers, and those who have had their benefits sanctioned – a level of need that should shame a civilised society.

The local foodbanks – S2 Food Bank, Grace Food Bank, and Gleadless Valley Food Bank – are always in need of donations, and Gleadless Valley in particular needs more supplies of baby items, sanitary products, sugar, juices and tinned fruit.

You can donate directly, or drop any bags of donations at my office, 63 Chesterfield Road.