Louise Haigh calls for halt in fracking exploration

Louise Haigh has today called for a "complete halt" in fracking exploration which includes large parts of the Sheffield Heeley constituency & surrounding area. On Wednesday, the Government issued exploratory licences which will give energy companies a free pass to conduct exploration drilling to assess whether fracking is viable in an area which falls within both the 10km and 1km buffer zone designed to protect our beloved countryside to the West of the City.

There are fears that the exploratory licences, which cover an area of 1000sq miles largely in the North and the Midlands, will start the firing gun on dash for shale gas, despite very real public health and environmental concerns.

Commenting, Louise said:

"The government is intent on starting the firing gun on a dash for shale gas across the North, and are prepared to ride roughshod over the very real environmental and safety concerns.

The "licensing block" which covers parts of my constituency fall within both the 10km and 1km buffer zone designed to protect Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas. This will raise real fears that in their dash for shale gas, the Government will cast aside regulations designed to preserve our countryside.

At the end of the last Parliament and flying in the face of concerns from independent scientific institutions, cross-party Parliamentary committees and environmental groups the government moved to water down environmental protections which would have ensured public and environmental health came first in any dash for shale gas.

The license they have issued , which cover large parts of our city and surrounding countryside will dismay residents who will be understandably concerned about the safety fears of an industry whose safety record is far from conclusive."

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  • Chris White
    commented 2015-08-21 13:12:30 +0100
    If only Labour had declared themselves anti-fracking at election time we would have a Labour government now. Congratulations on recognising the feeling of the country on this poisonous issue. Let’s hope it’s not too late to put the brakes on it. With your help it can be done. 80% percent of the public recently polled are against it and local groups are becoming active all over the country as a spontaneous response. People really have had enough this time and we’re looking to you to get behind it too.
  • Dave Taylor
    commented 2015-08-19 19:28:46 +0100
    Labour catching on, at last, that fracking has brought serious pollution, environmental damage, animal and fish deaths and health hazards around the world. Better late than never. Welcome to the party!
  • Louise Haigh Mp
    published this page in News 2015-08-19 10:01:01 +0100