In the uncertain days, weeks and months ahead I will fight for you - Louise Haigh

Britain has narrowly voted to leave the European Union and on a turnout not seen for some time. In Sheffield the result was even more narrow. But Britain has made it's will very clear and people from all parties and none have a duty to respect that decision and to find common ground in the days, weeks and months ahead where the uncertainty for our city and our country will be without precedent.

I want those in my constituency whichever way you voted to know that in these deeply uncertain times, I will fight for you without fear. I will fight for your jobs in an the event our economy takes a turn for the worse, for your rights at work, for the investment in Sheffield we desperately rely on, and for the NHS about which sacred promises have been made - whichever way people voted these are things no-one in my city can afford to lose and I will fight for you.

The Leave campaign have won the day and they now have a moral responsibility to make good on their promises - promises which people across the country voted on in good faith.

Front and centre of those promises was an extra £350m a week for the NHS. It was on the side of their bus. But there are reports that UKIP leader Nigel Farage said it had been a mistake. Well make no mistake it will be a monumental political betrayal if leave campaigners row back on that promise. A promise which people across our city and the country voted for in good faith. I'm sure whatever way people in my constituency voted they will feel that we have been duped if Mr Farage and Mr Johnson decide that the central pillar of their campaign was a mistake. I will not hold back in holding them to account for that.

Sheffield cannot afford to lose the £600m from Europe which funded programmes which have helped get our city back on its feet. Boris Johnson promised we would be able to spend taxation on our priorities if we left - well Sheffield relies on this funding and leave campaigners need to guarantee they will keep their commitment to Sheffield.

This vote cannot give any encouragement to intolerance. Racist and xenophobic incidents that are being reported across the country are deeply troubling, utterly disgraceful and have no place here. Many millions of decent people who voted to leave will have been similarly shocked by these reports.

I want people across our city worried about this to know, whatever your creed or colour, you are every bit as welcome in Sheffield as you have ever been. You have every bit as much a right to be here as I do and we all value the fantastic contribution you make to our city.

I have written to South Yorkshire Police to ask that in the weeks ahead they are particularly vigilant to any reports of hate speech and investigate any allegations of racist abuse urgently. Nobody has any right whatsoever to treat any people in our communities with hate.

There are difficult days ahead and in those days I will fight for all of you worried about jobs, your rights at work, about a downturn in the economy affecting your small business, about investment in Sheffield and about our society. But above all I will fight for the Britain that is still strong and that we all love.

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  • Louise Haigh Mp
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