Vote Remain today: Sheffield is better off in the EU

The decision you make today will decide the future of this country for generations to come. 

If you haven't made your mind up then I would say very clearly 'don't risk it'. We will make a decision that is irreversible and led by a half-baked "Leave" campaign who are rolling the dice on our future. A vote for Remain is a vote for:

Jobs: 3 million jobs are linked to the EU. Boris Johnson, Leader of the Leave campaign has admitted 'some people may lose their jobs, some may not' if we vote to Leave as a result of the economic shock. Whose job is a price worth paying? He has never been on the blunt end of a recession like people in our city and with Sheffield just picking itself up after the last one. Why risk another?

RightsOnly in the Europe can we guarantee maternity & paternity leave, paid holiday, regulated working hours, equal pay, equal treatment for part-time, agency & flexible workers, high standards of health & safety. Outside the EU your rights will be in the hands of vicious Tories. Why risk it?

NHS: The respected Institute for Fiscal Studies has said there will be about £40bn less for government to spend if we leave the EU. It is the NHS which will pay the price and the leaders of the Leave campaign have written about privatising it.

Investment: The EU has ploughed tens of millions into Sheffield - transforming the city centre, paying for businesses to take on young apprentices, paying for workplace training for young people struggling to get a foot in the door,offering space for small business start-ups. Yorkshire & the Humber has £630 million more set aside up to 2020 to build a better Sheffield. The Tories would give us nothing.

Nobody is happy with the status quo but the leaders of the Leave campaign are posing as the friends of working people when they voted through every single cut to our services, have talked about privatising the NHS and count their political hero as Margaret Thatcher. Don't fall for their con-trick.



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