Louise speaks out against "shocking" immigration detention system

Louise today called for a radical overhaul of the immigration detention system, during a debate in the House of Commons.

During the speech (which you can watch below), Louise relayed the tragic case of one of her constituents.

Having fled Afghanistan aged nine following the murder of his family, he arrived in Britain after four years incognito and was granted temporary leave to remain under the UKs international humanitarian obligations.

This was the country he has been schooled in and the place he calls home but 2 weeks ago after turning 18, he was hauled out of his community, handcuffed and sent to the Brook House removal centre where he was put in a cell.

After appeal he was eventually released but remains fearful of further detention and deportation to Afghanistan.

Research by the Bureau for Investigative Journalism has revealed that as many as 15,000 unaccompanied minors who arrived here alone are at risk of deportation once they turn 18 and as many as 605 Afghanis have been deported under this system. They often face fear of reprisal and significant danger if they return to a place where they have no roots

Speaking in the House, Louise said:

"The detention system is arbitrary and brutally effective at removing people from their communities. These places are prisons in all but name and in many cases much worse."

"How can it be right that my constituent who was schooled here and built a life here is placed in handcuffs and marched off to a detention centre once he has turns 18. He has no links to Afghanistan and can barely remember the place he left aged 9, yet the Home Office see fit to send him back putting him in danger."

"The case alone would tell of an immigration detention system which is disproportionate and an immigration policy fundamentally unjust but it is only a small insight into much wider failings. That's why I have called on the Home Office to speed up their report into the conditions encountered by individuals at detention centres and for a full review into a policy that allows people who have barely reached adulthood to be hauled out of the place they call home and into danger."

You can watch Louise's speech here.