Compulsory Sex Education


After months of pressure on the government, I’m pleased to see Justine Greening has finally instructed her department to work on introducing compulsory sex and relationships education in schools.

While this is a move that should have been made much earlier, it should help ensure complete coverage of education for children and young people in all schools. This is vital for making sure that young people have relationships with others with are healthy and well-informed.

In a highly connected world where children and young people are only ever a few clicks and keystrokes from extreme material, it’s important that they are made informed in order to be safe. That’s why I called [link] for the introduction of online education alongside sex education.

That is about keeping our children safe, from issue like cyber bullying to helping our children question what they may see online in a safe environment. With 5-15 year olds spending an average of 20 hours, six minutes online every week, technology and the internet are inseparable from their lives and they must be taught to use them properly and safely.

So far this is only a plan, and there will be still be work to do to make sure it is implemented quickly and effectively. I’ll continue to fight for the inclusion of essential online education until it’s rolled out.