Cameron has 'painstakingly reassembled' civil service glass ceiling, says Louise

Louise today hit out at the Prime Minister for presiding over one of the largest gender imbalances at top of the civil service for decades as he appointed another white man to one of the top jobs in the civil service.

Since the Prime Minister changed the rules to allow himself to pick from a list, rather than just veto an appointment of the top civil servants he has chosen nine men and only two women. This stands in stark contrast to 2011, when the Civil Service achieved a 50/50 split in the number of male and female top civil servants.

At the time, then-Cabinet Secretary Lord O'Donnell said the Civil Service had become a "genuinely meritocratic" organisation. But while the latest figures show that 39.4% of the broader Senior Civil Service is made of women – up from just 17% when the SCS was established in 1996 – there are now only four women at perm sec level.

Shadow Cabinet Office minister Louise Haigh said:

“When the Prime Minister changed the rules on top Civil Service appointments we all hoped women, BAME and working class candidates would be given a fair shot," Ms Haigh said.

"But since he has had the power to choose from a list, he has chosen nine white men and only two women."

She added: "The top brass of the civil service is now more white and more male than at any time in almost two decades and the glass ceiling which was smashed in 2011 when women achieved parity has now been painstakingly reassembled and reinforced.

“It is time the Prime Minister published the list he chooses from in each of his appointments so we can see for ourselves whether under his leadership, women are being overlooked and shut out.”

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