Two-thirds of MoD civil servants have no confidence in Defence Secretary, Louise reveals

Louise Haigh, Shadow Minister for the Civil Service, has revealed that the scale of dissatisfaction in some of the UK Government's major departments is large and growing.

Two in three workers think the MoD Board, chaired by Defence Secretary Michael Fallon , lacks clear vision and is poorly managed.

Just 15% of MoD staff think changes are usually for the better and only 35% there would feel safe as whistleblowers 'to challenge the way things are done'.

The figures also reveal that an unacceptably high 13% of civil service staff at MoD had been discriminated against at work within the last year.

Shadow Civil Service minister Louise Haigh, who obtained the figures through Parliamentary questions said:

“This is a vote of no confidence in the Defence Secretary and deeply alarming at a time when we are in a military conflict.

“The verdict on his management and leadership is shockingly bad.”

"The figures across the civil service reveal a deeply disgruntled workforce with little or no respect left for the senior leadership after five years of pay restrain and cutbacks."