Basing Northern Powerhouse jobs in London to cost "six times more" than Sheffield, Louise reveals

Key jobs at a 'Northern Powerhouse' department are being moved from Sheffield to a London office that costs six times more per head in rent, Louise has revealed.

The Business, Innovation and Skills Department is planning to axe 247 jobs from Sheffield and move them to a central London HQ. It was supposed to be part of a plan to save money, but it has led to an outcry locally and nationally that it will lead to an even greater "London-centric" focus on investment.

Figures revealed by Louise show that plans to cut costs by moving jobs to London are a nonsese.

The Sheffield office costs £209,304 a year, or £847 for each of the 247 staff members who work there.

The London office, hit by spiralling property prices in the capital, costs £11million a year - £5,500 for each of its 2,000 staff.

And the cash-strapped Department face a double problem - because staff in the capital are each paid £3,500 extra a year for London living costs.

Commenting, Louise Haigh - Member of Parliament for Sheffield Heeley said:

"This decision isn’t just bad for the North.

"We now know for certain that it will hit the taxpayer with a bill running into the millions - all because ministers at BIS mistakenly believe that decisions are better if they are made in and from London.

"With money tight across the public sector it’s astonishing that taxpayers are being asked to foot the bill for the offensive London-bubble arrogance of senior figures in government."