As fuel drops below £1 a litre, Labour's Louise Haigh calls for bus and train companies to drop fare

New figures today show that pump prices will dip below £1 a litre for petrol. Labour's candidate in Sheffield Heeley, Louise Haigh, is calling on public transport firms to pass on the savings to the travelling public.

Louise Haigh said:

"The international economic situation has led to the largest decrease in fuel prices in our history. The petrol companies are finally beginning to get the message that car owners expect them to pass on savings at the pump but bus and train companies are not yet responding"

"Fuel prices represent a big proportion of a bus company's expenditure. Right now they are looking at a massive unexpected bonus in their bottom line figures. Yet thousands of people in Sheffield are still struggling with transport costs.

"I know many local people who travel hundreds of miles a week to find work. They often hold down two jobs. And they are dependent on public transport to work. It's time the fuel prices decreases are felt by them.

"I am writing to the Chief Executives of all the major transport companies that operate in Sheffield to ask that they play fair and play their part in dealing with the cost of living crisis."