Anti-Bullying Week


People get in touch with me about a great range of issues, from the very small scale to very significant.  This week lots of local people have been in contact to talk about their very personal experiences in order to mark Anti-Bullying week, which is taking place from November 14th-18th. The week, run by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, is part of a nationwide effort to raise awareness of bullying, the lasting effects it can have on people’s lives, and strategies for stopping it.


I’m proud to support efforts to curb bullying wherever and whenever it takes place. How people are treated by others growing up can have effects well into adulthood. Bullying is an issue which has been raised by constituents a number of times, and attempts to create a school environment where people are free to learn and mature free of fear and intimidation are vital. Just as tackling bullying in the workplace is incredibly important.


This year’s theme of “Power for Good”  teaching people to realise the power they have and how they can use individual and collective action to stop bullying – is a message in line with my values, and the Labour Party's, and I’m glad to see Anti-Bullying Week with a presence in schools across England.


To find out more about Anti-Bullying Week and some of the activities taking place, you can visit their websiteIf any of the issues raised have affected you in Sheffield, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.