Abbey Lane Visit


After a recent successful visit, Abbey Lane School recently invited me to meet with their School Council, whose two representatives per class are there to help represent students, and to teach children about the value of democracy.

As usual we discussed some of the proposals children would like to see brought in as laws, with a good mix of suggestions.

One girl told me that travel prices should be brought down during school holidays. Clearly action needs to be taken against travel companies who shamefully exploit the school holidays to charge extortionate prices as parents are not able, understandably, to take their children out during term time.

Whenever I do Primary School visits, someone always brings up banning smoking in some form or another. At Abbey Lane one group wanted to see an expansion of the smoking ban to public places where children are likely to be, for example parks, and to remove cigarette lighters from cars in favour of more USB charging ports.

I’ll be writing to the School Council members to thank them for all their suggestions, and I’m really looking forward to being back at the school again before too long.